How To Splice Electrical Wires Together

Now and then, a homeowner may have a problem with a frayed or chewed electrical cord. Numerous things can cause this, including:

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·    Wear & Tear

·    Rodents

·    Pets

·    Frequent Movement

·    Low-Quality Manufacturing

Instead of going out and replacing the component attached to the wire, consider the following steps detailing how to splice electrical wires together so that you don’t have to purchase a totally new electrical appliance.

1 – Expose Wires At The Fray

To expose the wires, you will need to cut the cord off where it has frayed. Make sure that you make neat cuts and not hack them apart. If there are any plugs or plastic caps on the wire, remove those as well so that everything is exposed. Be careful when removing any plastic pieces as they can be sharp.

2 – Twist Wires Together

Take the cut wire and twist them together with the other wire. Be sure to twist the wires so that the chord maintains its long shape. This will make it easier to work with when you are finishing the cables.

3 – Tape Wires Together

After you have twisted the two wires, slide a piece of electrical tape over them to hold them in place. The electrical tape will help prevent any further fraying or splitting of the wire or chord. Be sure that you put enough around it to be completely covered to avoid splitting apart.

By following these steps, you should have a fully functional wire that will not cause any more issues with your electrical system. Homeowners without the necessary tools to complete the repair should consider hiring an electrician who performs handyman jobs in dripping springs, tx.

With a professional contractor performing the electrical repair, you can be sure that your electrical components will be ready and working in no time!