What Are The Most Common Repairs For An Electrician

As an electrician you will find yourself in a lot of different situations. When working with electricity the majority of the devices in our home and in our lives require some form of electricity to work. If you are an electrician and you do electrical repairs in Montgomery, AL, here are some of the more common repairs you may do.

Replace broken switches.

A switch can either be a 3-way or a single pole.  When these are broken, you will usually need to replace the casing with a new one as well as any components within the switch box such as fuses or circuit breakers.

Switch out outlets that have worn out receptacles. This is a common cause of electrical fires.

Installing a light fixture

electrical repairs in Montgomery, AL

Another repair you may perform is installing a light fixture.  There are many different types of light fixtures and it’s important to not only know which one you need, but also how to properly install the correct one for your specific job.  

Install a ceiling fan.

For many homeowners, a ceiling fan is an excellent way to stay comfortable on hot summer days.  You can also install them in living rooms or any other room of the house to give you extra air circulation.  In addition, installing a ceiling fan can save you money over time as it uses less energy than your normal fan and it requires no additional installation.

Install GFCI outlets.

GFCI is short for ground fault circuit interrupter.  These are outlets that protect you from shock and they can be found in kitchens, bathrooms, garages and other areas where there is a risk of water or electricity coming into contact with each other.  

Install outlets for appliances.

Another common repair found in most homes is installing outlets for appliances.  Many of my customers would call me and ask to have an outlet installed next to their dryer, or near the refrigerator.  It’s always a good idea to make sure you install these away from other items that may interfere with the wires coming out of the box.